Sarah Palin and "The Media"

I was looking at today and saw that there was a poll that suggested that more people than not think that Sarah Palin has been treated unfairly by "The Media." I realize that a polling sample of FoxNews web viewers is probably slightly skewed to a conservative viewpoint, but I still must ask, "Really?"


From the moment she first spoke at the Republican Convention last year Sarah Palin has expressed very little more than a smug attitude and an ability to sound confused at the same time. Don't these people who think she has been treated unfairly know people in their own lives who accomplish the same thing when they talk? I know people like her...and I feel sorry for them, especially if they also seem to lack the ability to keep their mouths shut (like Sarah). Her memoir should have been entitled "Going Rouge" which is what happens to my face every time I see her attempting to express her "views" on political subjects. She has not been treated unfairly, she is just so far in over her head that it is embarrassing to watch her talk. I have not seen "The Media" putting her down, I have seen them point their cameras at her and let her do that job for them.

I find it sad that just because they think she is popular so many Republicans stand up for her special brand of idiitis (George Bush also suffered from idiitis).

This is a little compilation of Sarah's finest responses to legitimate questions...who is making her look bad other than herself?

Off-shore drilling site of interest

I was watching some of the cable news channels yesterday and the houndogs of hell have been unleashed by The Propoganda House, I mean, The White House in an attempt to manipulate Americans into believing that allowing off-shore drilling up and down our coastlines will do wonders for the price of gas...

So...I began to arm myself with a little information in order to argue with these nincompoops over the next few weeks, and as part of that I found this little website:

One little factoid, in the most catastrophic (financially) off-shore oil rig disasters, 38% have been cause by equipment failure.

If 38% of car accidents were caused by Automobile failure, would you still drive? Would we want more cars on our roads? Or would we build a better public transit system? Just a thought.

Scott McClellan -- YES!!!

Well, the Scott McClellan book is about to come out and all the President's men and women are freaking out. How could Scott have done this? Why would he say such things? Well, maybe he had something that many politically minded people in this country seem to have never understood....maybe, he had A MOMENT OF CONSCIENCE.

I have read and listened to some in the administration say, "Well, he should have said something about this when he was working here. If he had reservations about what we were doing he should have spoken up then."


If the people of this administration think anyone with half a brain would openly question their agenda while working for them then they have their heads farther up their asses than I thought. It would be the same as working for Burger King and suggesting that meat is murder and that the menu should be switched to Vegan...and expecting to keep their job.

Good job Scott.

Here is the final draft of my final film for this past semester.... stars Colin Branca and it was a selection for the Diamond Screen Film Festival at Temple University. I am pretty happy with it.

Lately I seem to have found something.....

....better to do. I'm not really sure what, I just have gotten out of the habit of turning on the camera in my house and talking to it for fifteen minutes and then spending another hour and half editing it and processing it into something for the internet. The whole video blog thing is interesting but also makes me walk around feeling a little bit embarrassed to be me. Does that make sense?

So, has been keeping me busy with a whole bunch of projects. I am learning great things about lighting and shooting on film instead of video (And I used both for the Punk Bunny video for Take It). And really , neither of those things are terribly interesting, so I just haven't had much to say lately.

However, my friend Anastasia la Fey, from Australia, has had this to say in response to the earlier Rodcast where Tia demonstrated how to apply a condom. Tia did it with her hand....Anastasia takes on the next phase of our field trip down the shaft of love in this little video snippet:

If you want to see the rest of Anastasia's blog from that day, you can click here: And....Anastasia, thank you so much for your informative and inspiring instruction. Caring and sharing.

Antoher music video...this time for Punk Bunny

The folks from Punk Bunny came through Philadelphia on their tour last weekend and we shot a video for them....this is the rough draft, but I think it is pretty close to how i want it to look.

What I have been spending my time on lately....

....instead of making new Rodcasts:

The MySpace to MyFace Music Video:

Goodnight Kiss by Suzan Hurtuk:

Since I have been slacking off.....

....I decided to write a blog instead of taping one. I have had a two week period where I simply didn't want to see anything or do anything and just had the overwhelming desire to sleep. Many people would label this DEPRESSION but I think in my case it is really just laziness. Plain and simple, I am lazy as shit sometimes.

Three nights ago I watched Margot At The was really funny and sad and the actors made it spectacular. I love the comedy of awkward interpersonal relations and passive aggression. Do you ever have trouble with passive aggressive people? I do. And America seems to be the fucking breeding ground for passive aggressive people. The worst part of dealing with passive aggressive people is that when I decide to be ASSERTIVE it is misconstrued as being AGGRESSIVE by people who do not know how to simply be assertive. So....I end up pissing people off all the god-damned time because I am not afraid to talk about how situations make me uncomfortable....

And on another note, I finally ran into the douchebag that accosted me while I was tutoring a few weeks ago. I pulled him aside, like "Can I speak with you for a moment over here..."

I began to tell him that I really did not appreciate his coming over and interjecting himself into the situation...I also reminded him that he and I know each other from one sphere of life and that that does NOT mean that I am interested in being his "FRIEND" -- He started to apology with an air of total surprise that I was so upset, and I started fuming...In oreder to not cause a scene I simply said, "Dude...don't give me that, you are a tutor too and you know better. I would never have done the same to you. End of conversation. I then walked away.

Blah blah blah blah.....

Obama is probably going to win. Sucks for Hillary, but I hope it will be the best in the long run. And I have been listening to more news from Israel, and how the Hamas people keep shooting rockets into Gaza and the Israelis keep retaliating and it stops the process....I guess at some point the Israelis (since they are more organized and hopefully a little more sane and responsible) need to simply renounce violence completely against anyone outside their territory....stick to it for about five years, and then...maybe then, the everyday Palestinian citizen will believe that peace may be possible and will start to distrust the radicals from Hamas....until then nothing will happen. Both sides need to grow up.